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Operational research techniques started seeing application in industry after the second world war, and has seen widespread application in preventive maintenance Cho and Parlar ; Dekker and Wildeman Maintenance was eventually recognized as an important part of business, and maintenance methodologies such as reliability centered maintenance Moubray , and total productive maintenance Tajiri and Got o , were developed and became popular in the early s.

Several methods for measuring the actual state of equipment and predicting failures became available in the s.

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Condition-based maintenance became feasible and widely adopted L. Pintelon and Gelders Continuing rapid technological development has provided improvements in condition monitoring techniques such as non-destructive testing, vibration and thermal monitoring, etc. However, the new technologies introduces new challenges for maintenance managers and maintenance systems to fully utilize the increasing amount of information available. A variety of tools is needed for effective maintenance management. These include information technology for collecting and storing data, statistical techniques for data analysis, analytical and computational tools for modeling, analysis, optimization and optimal decision making D.

Maintenance management decision making is studied further, and broken down into strategic, tactical and operational levels in Section 1.

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The central concepts of the important area of condition-based maintenance will be described in Section 1. Finally, the area of e-maintenance will be discussed in Section 1. Maintenance management is a cross-disciplinary area involving many different types of tasks; deciding on maintenance strategies, setting policies for maintenance and inventory management, scheduling specific tasks with regard to staff, resources and scheduled production, etc.

To structure the area, maintenance management is frequently divided into different categories. One approach is to divide it into three decision levels, which can be done in different ways. Murthy, Atrens, and Eccleston makes a division of the maintenance management organizational structure into three levels which they choose to call top, middle and junior. Other ways of structuring maintenance into three levels are described by, for example, Tsang He describes two approaches, each using a division into three categories based on the magnitude of maintenance work.

While dividing maintenance management along these lines generate a different structure, what it does have in common with the approach taken by D. Murthy, Atrens, and Eccleston discussed above is the time-span considered at each decision level. Short-term on the operational level, mid- to long-term on the tactical level, and long- to infinite-term on the strategic level.

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The structure of maintenance management used in this text builds on the approach of L. Pintelon and Gelders , who makes a division based on decision levels into strategic, tactical and operational planning. The performance objectives that a maintenance manager focuses on are different depending on what decision level the maintenance manager is working on.

For example, a strategic level decision maker may focus on overall equipment effectiveness or life cycle cost, while an operational level decision maker will focus on minimizing down time or number of breakdowns. This solution enhances the quality of your maintenance and repairs, safeguarding the long service life of your system.

The spare parts used are also detailed in the report and can be easily re-ordered via the web shop in the service portal. Produkter Arbeidsstasjoner ved varemottak. Avfallsteknikk Monteringsinstrukser.

Safety: Data is recorded on safety permits and documenting safety requirements. Share this:. Related Terms. Related Articles. Mainframes Aren't Dead.

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Maintenance Management Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management Maintenance Management

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