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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained | Dissertation By Design

Of course, some designers do cook. I am regularly served genuine "designer food" — meals made entirely from market waste, or from animals living within the city limits the pigeon with berry sauce tasted great, by the way. I've eaten meals that are strictly purple — delicious root veg with aubergine. Turns out the backstory was better designed than the beer. Where designers play the biggest role, I fear, is in the branding of food.

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Supported by food blogs and Instagram, they give people the feeling of authenticity, of love and care behind food preparation. Designers make the chalkboards on which to write menus, because those make the fare seem more natural.

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They create stone and wood serving boards with organic, uneven shapes. They design tasteful uniforms for the staff and invent upbeat names for the dishes. Food design is nothing but advertising.

A process in UX is everything, UX without a process is nothing

Of all the so-called food designers around, 90 per cent form part of the advertising industry without even knowing it. They design new ways of selling food, rename a fried chicken leg "prime poultry roasted in sesame oil", call sauerkraut "choucroute" or spin a yarn about the origins of the salt in the butter. Designers are popular in the food industry because they can create the appearance of small-scale authenticity and creativity; values we like to associate with food.

They dress up, pack, articulate, drape, embellish and stylise; qualities we normally attribute to advertising pros. We no longer expect solutions from designers, yet we often praise the "awareness" they create around food. It's true that awareness is the first step toward change in a complex system like the food industry, and it's valuable that someone is doing it. But may I point out that generating awareness is a typical advertising task as well?

The effect is overwhelming for adult sensibilities, but certainly makes sense for its younger and more easily-distracted target audience. However, while minimalism may not work for the overall design for the design of every site, you can still consider a minimalist home page leading to a more involved site. Take a look at the site for cybersecurity consultancy Minerva.

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Since the heart of minimalism is emphasizing content, a content-first approach is always useful. As we described in Web Design for the Human Eye , the content-first approach designs around the story.

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Instead of creating wireframes and prototypes with Lorem Ipsum text, you design with rough content from the beginning and iterate both along a parallel path. Figure out the goals of each page, then start mapping out the messaging for each site section.

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  • Examine the relationships between pages, and once it all makes sense, start actually creating your content text and images. When you have workable drafts, you can then start wireframing and prototyping around the rough content.

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    The approach gives you a solid foundation of content to sculpt your design around. Like Squarespace shows below, exercise Hemingway-like discipline in your copy, then pair it with captivating images. Of course the amount of copy will determine whether or not the site is minimalist, but starting with content is never a bad idea.

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    Be realistic with how users browse sites by placing high-level content at the top of the scroll sparse copy and images , then increasing the density of text and images as the scroll deepens. To prevent visual burnout, try alternating the placement of text and images for a Z-shaped reading pattern. Over Clothing. Bob The Builder.

    Nothing by Design Nothing by Design
    Nothing by Design Nothing by Design
    Nothing by Design Nothing by Design
    Nothing by Design Nothing by Design
    Nothing by Design Nothing by Design

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