The Rational Positive Parenting Program

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Returns must be postmarked within 4 business days of authorisation and must be in resellable condition. A group designed for high school students who have gone, or are currently going through family conflict. TransParenting is a one time, 4-hour parent seminar designed to teach effective parenting during the transitions of divorce or parental separation. Topics include: feelings associated with divorce, ways that children of different ages react during transition, parenting approaches that benefit your children, suggested ways for talking to children about divorce, and other adjustments children may make.

This is an educational program and not a counseling session. Parents will not be expected to discuss personal problems. Children do NOT attend. For additional information please visit the companion website for this seminar: www. This 2-hour program is offered as a supplement to TransParenting. It is designed for children who are experiencing parental separation and divorce, and includes two versions tailored to address the specific needs of participants.

Primary curriculum for children ages Intermediate curriculum for ages Pet assisted therapy provided by Pet Partners may be utilized. Parents are encouraged to attend Transparenting, but are not required. Children may attend multiple sessions. Do you need a specific training for your organization? Are you looking to expand your knowledge on a particular subject?

We offer specialized trainings available to the community at an affordable cost!

Trainings last from 1 hour to 4 hours and can be taught either at our location or onsite at your location. Just call the office at to speak with someone about scheduling your customized training.

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Click HERE for a complete list of available trainings. Please select the type of service you are looking for and then the mental health professional MHP that is appropriate for your needs. We proposed see also David and Podina, that the ABM procedures can be especially suited for online delivered parenting programs. Thus, we integrated the ABM training at the end of the rPPP but found no benefits on most of the outcomes compared with the parenting program alone. However, this could be due to the fact that its integration might be most useful in the initial phases of the parenting intervention, for helping parents in detecting positive responses from their children.

The ABM procedures could be also integrated both throughout the parenting programs, and during additional booster sessions. Additionally, ABM could be an especially useful tool for parents with a negative cognitive pattern e. Since a positive attentional bias can transfer to other processing levels, such as interpretation or memory bias, boosting emotion-regulation could bring important effects on optimal parent—child interaction. In fact, it might be that parents of children with externalizing disorders would profit from the addition of the ABM training to standard parenting tools.

For these parents ABM could offer special coaching in detecting positive behaviors in their children, due to their pre-existing biases to primarily detect the negative ones. An important limitation of both studies is that we used a classical ABM paradigm as opposed to the VSTT paradigm Dandeneau and Baldwin, which showed positive results and offers the gaming advantage. David and Podina developed a parent VSTT involving a game-based search for a happy child face embedded in a matrix of angry faces.

The nature of the task and its interactive features make it and attractive and promising tool for boosting self-esteem, based on the previous findings regarding improvement of self-referential processing. We believe that online delivered parenting tools with implicit components, like the ABM training, are in support of their aims. The online format can make the intervention more easily accessible and bring cost-effectiveness benefits compared to the standard parenting programs Moreover, the implicit component is could ease the work of parents, by automatizing the negative bias correction.

Future studies will need to document ways to minimize the high dropout rates registered by us and reported in the internet-based and parenting programs literature Gavita et al. Since another limitation of present studies is the lack of follow-up assessment, future studies will need to investigate the long-term efficacy of such parenting interventions. Also, future studies will need to investigate comparative efficacy of the online parenting program with an active control group, such as parental support.

Building on studies indicating that cognitions are key determinants of parenting skills Gavita, , the rPPP brings a new spin to available programs, in that it focuses on components related to boosting emotion-regulation of parents; it builds on developing effective reappraisal strategies in the form of rational cognitions, known as protective factors against psychopathology. It seems that the ABM procedures focused on positive attention deployment emotion-regulation can be next incorporated in this program, given that it is a short intervention, which in newly developed game interface can be enjoyed by both parents and their children, with potential positive benefits for parental skills and parent—child relationships.

Moreover, future studies should test whether involving children in the program, for playing an attention training game, would bring benefits in terms of its efficacy for child outcomes. To sum up, we aimed to test an implicit parenting intervention for tracking positive responses in children is taking a step further explicit strategies used in parenting interventions for enhancing the positive facets of parent—child relationship.

Our findings are in line with novel lines of research in the clinical field, providing initial support for the positive effects of implicit attention deployment and reappraisal-based emotion-regulation strategies used within online parenting programs.

The Rational Positive Parenting Program

Future studies should focus on integrating innovative tools for improving emotion-regulation strategies in parents within online parenting programs and test their cumulative efficacy. Positive results could offer short enhancements to current evidence-based parenting programs with great benefits for children. OD designed the study, the online platform, analyzed the data, and wrote the manuscript; DC and AJ contributed to the implementation of the protocol and data collection. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

Amir, N. Attention modification program in individuals with generalized anxiety disorder.

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Bar-Haim, Y. Research review: attention bias modification ABM : a novel treatment for anxiety disorders. Child Psychol.

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Psychiatry 51, — Threat-related attentional bias in anxious and nonanxious individuals: a meta-analytic study. Barkley, R. Defiant Chlidren. London: The Guilford Press. Google Scholar. Berry, J. The parental stress scale: initial psychometric evidence.

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Bruce, A. Relations of parenting and negative life events to cognitive diatheses for depression in children. Colvert, E. Emotional difficulties in early adolescence following severe early deprivation: findings from the English and Romanian adoptees study. Dandeneau, S. Cutting stress off at the pass: reducing vigilance and responsiveness to social threat by manipulating attention.

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The inhibition of socially rejecting information among people with high versus low self-esteem: the role of attentional bias and the effects of bias reduction training. David, O. The rational positive parenting program for child externalizing behavior: mechanisms of change analysis. Based Psychother. You are such a bad child!

Appraisals as mechanisms of parental negative and positive affect. Efficacy of the rational positive parenting program for child externalizing behavior: can an emotion-regulation enhanced cognitive-behavioral parent program be more effective than a standard one? The Rational Positive Parenting Program. New York, NY: Springer. Ionescu, M.

Tomita, and S. Cace Bologna: Medimond International Proceedings , — Eldar, S. Attention bias modification treatment for pediatric anxiety disorders: a randomized controlled trial. Psychiatry , — Enebrink, P. Internet-based parent management training: a randomized controlled study. Egger, H. Methods Psychiatr. Feil, E. Expanding the reach of preventive interventions development of an internet-based training for parents of infants. Child Maltreat. Gavita, O.

The Rational Positive Parenting Program The Rational Positive Parenting Program
The Rational Positive Parenting Program The Rational Positive Parenting Program
The Rational Positive Parenting Program The Rational Positive Parenting Program
The Rational Positive Parenting Program The Rational Positive Parenting Program
The Rational Positive Parenting Program The Rational Positive Parenting Program
The Rational Positive Parenting Program The Rational Positive Parenting Program

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