Wind and Water

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Wind and Water

How Water Temperature is Impacted by Wind – and Why It's Important

Botanists determine the range of extinct plants by collecting and identifying pollen from year-old bird specimens from the same site. Pollination by birds : Hummingbirds have adaptations that allow them to reach the nectar of certain tubular flowers, thereby, aiding them in the process of pollination.

Most species of conifers and many angiosperms, such as grasses, maples, and oaks, are pollinated by wind.

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Pine cones are brown and unscented, while the flowers of wind-pollinated angiosperm species are usually green, small, may have small or no petals, and produce large amounts of pollen. Unlike the typical insect-pollinated flowers, flowers adapted to pollination by wind do not produce nectar or scent. In wind-pollinated species, the microsporangia hang out of the flower, and, as the wind blows, the lightweight pollen is carried with it. The flowers usually emerge early in the spring before the leaves so that the leaves do not block the movement of the wind.

The pollen is deposited on the exposed feathery stigma of the flower. Wind pollination : These male a and female b catkins from the goat willow tree Salix caprea have structures that are light and feathery to better disperse and catch the wind-blown pollen. Some weeds, such as Australian sea grass and pond weeds, are pollinated by water.

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The pollen floats on water. When it comes into contact with the flower, it is deposited inside the flower. Orchids are highly-valued flowers, with many rare varieties. They grow in a range of specific habitats, mainly in the tropics of Asia, South America, and Central America. At least 25, species of orchids have been identified.

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Flowers often attract pollinators with food rewards, in the form of nectar. However, some species of orchid are an exception to this standard; they have evolved different ways to attract the desired pollinators. They use a method known as food deception, in which bright colors and perfumes are offered, but no food. Anacamptis morio , commonly known as the green-winged orchid, bears bright purple flowers and emits a strong scent.

The bumblebee, its main pollinator, is attracted to the flower because of the strong scent, which usually indicates food for a bee. In the process, the bee picks up the pollen to be transported to another flower.

Wind on Water

Other orchids use sexual deception. Chiloglottis trapeziformis emits a compound that smells the same as the pheromone emitted by a female wasp to attract male wasps. The male wasp is attracted to the scent, lands on the orchid flower, and, in the process, transfers pollen.

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Some orchids, like the Australian hammer orchid, use scent as well as visual trickery in yet another sexual deception strategy to attract wasps. The flower of this orchid mimics the appearance of a female wasp and emits a pheromone.

In addition to beautiful and luxurious yachts and boats, pontoons, RIBs, jet skis and other vessels, you could find nautical accessories, engines, safety and rescue equipment, instruments for navigation and yacht electronics at the fair. Traditionally, there was plenty of new products and premieres, which the exhibitors have prepared for the upcoming season. The fair also promoted water tourist trails, charters, sailing yachts, marinas and interesting places for water sports. The newest equipment for diving, canoeing and windsurfing gave you a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends and decide on plans for upcoming vacation.

Furthermore, presentation of prestigious awards and distinctions took place during the Warsaw edition of the Boat Show. The competition is aimed at selecting the most interesting, innovative and useful products for water enthusiasts - general equipment available on our market.

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Wind and Water Wind and Water
Wind and Water Wind and Water
Wind and Water Wind and Water
Wind and Water Wind and Water
Wind and Water Wind and Water
Wind and Water Wind and Water
Wind and Water Wind and Water

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